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Hello happy couples!  Helping you plan and manage your wedding day is what I do, so here is a little about me.

I’m Laura Richert, owner of Birch & Bunny Weddings and Events.  I am an animal lover, classic cocktail drinker, excessive user of exclamation points, and I love my job.

I am a WPIC Certified Wedding Planner, Coordinator and Consultant.  Event planning has always been a passion of mine. I got my start with fundraiser banquets and awards galas, although planning weddings is when I’m really in my element.

My ethos is that your wedding should reflect the two of you as a couple, and your interests.  It can be as unique and personalized as you wish!  There are no cookie cutter events here. Only professional guidance for making your day truly special and meaningful to you.

Things I love include:
travel • sushi • red wine • pop rocks • classic cocktails • patio weather • QT with friends, family • my hunky hubby • dogs and our house-rabbit Humphrey!

Are you ready to see if we go together like avocados and toast? Let’s talk about your wedding and my potential role in it. Schedule a video call or coffee date! Let’s Chat.

About Birch and Bunny


Q:  What types of weddings do you do?

A:  We do all types including large or small weddings, multi-cultural, vow-renewals, elopements, same-sex weddings, express, pop-up (surprise) weddings, and destination weddings.

Q:  How do I know if I need a Wedding Planner?

A:  Studies show that without a professional, experienced Planner, a couple can spend between 200- 500 hours planning their wedding alone. 
There are countless hours of research, hundreds of emails, phone calls and meetings, contracts to be reviewed and trying to figure out which vendors to hire.

Then there’s mailing invitations, tracking RSVP’s, organizing the seating chart and floor plan, coordinating the timeline, not to mention actually running everything on the day of the wedding and resolving any unexpected issues that come up.  Needless to say, planning a wedding is often a very emotionally stressful undertaking when you decide to do it on your own.

By hiring a professional, certified and experienced Wedding Planner you are setting yourselves up for a smooth journey.  You get peace of mind, so that you have free time to actually enjoy being engaged!

Q: How many weddings will you book for my wedding day?

A:  We only book a limited number of weddings per year, and only one per day, per Lead Planner from the Birch & Bunny team.  You will have my undivided attention.

Q:  Are you certified, and how is a certified planner different?

Laura is a certified planner and has completed special training in event management and wedding planning at Mount Royal University, the Wedding Planners’ Institute of  Canada as well as international conferences, workshops as she is dedicated to professional development and lifelong learning.  
Certified planners must adhere to strict ethical guidelines or else they will be striped of their certification. We also have special education regarding the event industry that enable us to better serve you.

Q:  What about a Preferred Vendor List?

A:  You are not stuck with a short list of the same vendors every other couple of ours has used.  We do have Event Partners whom we absolutely LOVE working with though!  We have built strong relationships with local Event Partners who we know are trustworthy,work well together, incredibly talented, efficient, and creative!

Every couple is unique, so we ensure your vendor recommendations are too.  Vendor recommendations are selected based on criteria such as your needs, your style, personalities, and budget.

Q:  My venue has a Venue Coordinator, how is that different from a Wedding Planner?

A:  The Venue Coordinator takes care of everything related to the venue, which can include tables, chairs, linens, food, venue staff, and the list varies from venue to venue. Whereas, your Planner will take care of everything else!  There are a lot of logistics that go into coordinating your vendor team, deliveries, timing of a wedding so your Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator will work together as a team, to ensure your day runs smoothly.

Q:  Do you have flexible payment plans?

A:  Yes, we typically split your fees into 3-4 payments but when we are determining your payment plan we are quite flexible.  An initial payment of 50% will retain our services, and the final payment is due on or before 30 days prior to the wedding to best serve you. The other 25% can be split up or moved based on your needs.

Q:  Is there anything you won’t do?

A:  Birch & Bunny Weddings is dedicated to going above and beyond for our clients!  There are many things going on at once for a wedding though, so we are careful to remain focused on our primary objective: making your wedding AMAZING!
That means that for certain tasks which would take us away from our duties. We will be happy to find you the proper Vendor who specializes in the following areas:

  • ceiling installations
  • certain backdrop installations 
  • moving certain floral installations which should be left to your Florist
  • moving or cutting cake
  • serving food or busing tables
  • setup and delivery of complex or extensive rentals which require more than just a couple of Assistants from the Birch & Bunny Weddings team.
  • cleaning/ janitorial services (we do pack up basic personalization decor)

Q:  Where can I find copies of my worksheets instead of scrolling through all of our emails searching?

A:  You can access copies of your worksheets by logging in to your Virtual Workroom.  If you need a refresher, instructions were sent with your new client Welcome Package or just ask me!

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