Writing Your Own Vows

Writing your own vows is the most meaningful way that you can personalize your wedding and express your love on your wedding day.  They should be heartfelt and sincere.  The best way to do something is simply to begin, but getting started can be a little daunting, so Birch & Bunny has some tips for you!

Team Up
Whether or not you decide to write them together or share them with each other prior to the ceremony, it’s just nice to have agreed on a tone or style.  Maybe you agree to aim for a light-hearted, casual tone or maybe more sentimental and formal tone is more your style. The plan could be as simple as both beginning with what your partner means to you, and ending with a few promises to one another.

Speak from the Heart
Just tell your partner how you feel about them.  Nobody is expecting you to suddenly bust out a love sonnet for the ages, just as long as you mean it.
Writing Personal Vows

Share Your Story
Talk about how you met, what you’ve been through together or about the time when you knew they were “the one”.  Your vows can be about your journey that brought you to this celebration!

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Draw Meaningful Inspiration
Still not sure about writing your own?  Be inspired by meaningful words- you could read something you wrote once in a Valentine’s day card.  If the two of you have a special song that you could quote, or a poem you’d like to read, then go for it!  Just be sure to explain what that quote means to you and your relationship, to make it personal.

Well my lovelies, I hope my tips inspire you to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard as the case may be).  Trust me, when you read your amazing vows to your partner (and I know they WILL be amazing!) you will both cherish those words.

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