Chandelier Wedding Cakes

Chandelier wedding cakes seem to defy the laws of physics and gravity. Suspended cakes are a real show stopper that guests will never forget! Hanging decor has been growing steadily in popularity over the past few years, so I wanted to take a moment to appreciate these impressive works of art.
Chandelier Cake - Kaylee CuocoIf this isn’t glamour, I don’t know what is! The world was awe-struck when Kayley Cuoco had that gorgeous chandelier cake pictured above for her wedding to Ryan Sweeting. 
Chandelier Cake - Kaley CuocoThese glamorous works of art are not just for celebrities though.   I recently spoke to Lynnette, of Calgary’s own Swirl Cakes & Cupcakes about her Chandelier Cake creations.

Lynette, what is the secret to creating these gravity defying, upside down hanging cakes?
The secret is finding a cake designer who know the principles of engineering cakes and how tiered cakes are put together. Once these principles are mastered, anything is possible- including defying gravity!

Swirl Cakes

What are some things that a couple should keep in mind when selecting a cake company?
First is finding a company who is licensed. It is so important to hire someone who is certified in food safety and is inspected to ensure proper food handling is performed for the safety of you and your guest.

Next is find someone who matches your style and can create what you have envisioned. It’s also important to find a designer who bakes from scratch- this provides a better product and more flexibility in flavors and varying flavor profiles.

Finding a designer who has a good reputation and works with wedding planners can be helpful as well. Planners are exposed to a wide variety of artists and they have done the work for you to provide an approved vendors list who offer experience product and great customer service. We are proud to work with our wedding colleagues since we all have the same goal in mind- providing our clients with the wedding they desire.

What inspired you to get into the wedding industry?
We’ve been in business for just over six years and I’ve personally been designing for over 16 years now. Our company grew out of demand- it started as a hobby and then soon people who I didn’t even know where contacting me thru word of mouth to create something for them and a business was born.

What is your favorite thing about designing wedding cakes?
My favorite thing in designing a wedding cake is taking a couples vision of what they have and bringing it to life. There may be several styles or designs that they like and the challenge is to create those into one cake for them to reflect each element.

Once we’ve create the cake, we get excited thinking about how many guests get to enjoy a pastry sensation that looks beautiful and tastes great.

What is your favorite cake flavor?
My personal favorite is corona cake with lime cream cheese icing. But chocolate with salted caramel buttercream and chocolate ganache is a close second.
Corona and Lime Cupcakes

Yum, those look delicious and that chocolate with salted caramel buttercream and chocolate ganache sounds incredible! A huge thank you to Swirl Cakes and Cupcakes!

What do you think, is there anything more glamorous or memorable than a chandelier cake?  Would you consider having one for your wedding?

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