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The anticipation has been killing us, but it’s finally here! That is, the inaugural issue of Rocky Mountain Bride’s new dedicated CANADIAN issue!!! Here are some snaps from the launch party where we celebrated with our Ah-MAZING local industry friends.

How cute are these pretty little mini donuts! … and the copper painted custom cookies? Love them.

Here’s a link to check out the gorgeous photos from our Emerald Lake Lodge styled inspiration shoot. We had a ton of fun, and it turned out super pretty (if we do say so ourselves)!

Shout out to Park Distillery for the sips, and to Pretty Sweet for the treats! Also to the Wedding Study for welcoming us all into your space… and especially thanks to the incredible Celynn of Rocky Mountain Bride magazine. Thanks for all your support and for throwing such a fab fete!

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Looking for a fun activity for you and your crew to do together leading up to the big day?!  I’m checking out your options to help you choose.  It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.  😉

Girls’ Night of arranging beautiful blooms, while toasting bubbly and nibbling on pretty hand-painted cookies, and donuts?  You can’t go wrong!

bridal shower idea

Janie started by teaching us the names of all of the beautiful flowers we will be adding to our peony arrangements, and giving us some guidelines on how to create our beautiful arrangements, here we are listening intently. 
(Side Note: I just realized that my #OOTD was a floral top, PLUS my jacket with floral embroidery- I wonder what was on my mind that day…)
flower arranging workshop
Time to break for treats and toast some bubbles!  After all, what would a peonies and prosecco night be without it?
wedding cookies
pretty donuts

There we have it!  My lovely peony arrangement which really tszuj’d up my kitchen table.  (Yes, apparently that’s how you spell jeuge it up, who knew). 

Wedding Planner Headshot
fresh flowers

Peonies and Prosecco Event Credits

Florist and Host: Flowers by Janie
Treats: Pretty Sweet
Photographer: Tara Whittaker Photography
Venue: Pearl & Dot Bridal Boutique

My hubster and I are really loving the challenge of choosing anniversary gifts by year!  You can fall back on the list if you’re stuck but it can also be fun to challenge yourselves to get creative with it!  Although we have only been married for a few years, we took our sweet time getting here and have celebrated 11 anniversaries together.  We like to make our anniversary gifts more meaningful, and save things like clothing and household items for Christmas and birthdays.

Here are the traditional gifts by year, with a modern twist.

1 Year – Paper  Check out our post of 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas!
2 Years – Cotton  Looking for thoughtful 2nd Anniversary Gifts?  We’ve got ideas!
3 Years – Leather
4 Years – Fruit/ Flowers  Our friends at Amborella are ready to recreate your wedding flowers like they did for our Groom to give his Bride-to-be on Valentines’ day.  (He’s a keeper!)  This was their wedding.
5 Years – Wood
6 Years – Iron
7 Years – Wool/ Copper
8 Years – Pottery/ Bronze  Can’t wait for this one, I am SO signing us up for a clay pottery spinning class!  Not just a keepsake, we’re also out here making memories.
9 Years – Willow/ Pottery
10 Years – Diamond Jewelry  How lovely would it be to gift her with a stackable ring to add to her finger.  A daily reminder of how your love for her has grown over the years.   If your budget allows, how about upgrading the diamond in her ring?  Sometimes the original diamond is made into a necklace or stud earrings so that she can continue to wear that along with the new bling in her ring!

Traditionally the 10 year anniversary meant Tin/ Aluminum, but we think a decade of marriage is much more deserving of the modern adaptation. What do you think?

Curious about more anniversary gifts by year?  Here are many more to look forward to.

15 Years – Crystal
20 Years – China
25 Years – Silver
30 Year – Pearls
35 Years – Coral
40 Years – Ruby
45 Years – Saphire
50 Years – Gold
60 Years – Diamond

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Commemorate the first year of marriage with a Paper Anniversary Gift.

Watercolour Portrait

Little Me Paper Co. offers a whimsical custom watercolour painting of your wedding photo.  Leanne includes florals and banners, or can add a full background if you wish!  Her creations are watercolour and ink on archival quality paper, a true keepsake.  She also offers bespoke wedding stationery and other lovely paper goods.

Little Me Paper Co. offers a whimsical custom watercolour painting of your wedding photo.  Leanne includes florals and banners, or can add a full background if you wish!  Her creations are watercolour and ink on archival quality paper, a true keepsake.  She also offers bespoke wedding stationery and other lovely paper goods.

Little Me Paper Co. is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Check out her Etsy shop.

Bouquet Painting

Eternally preserve the delicate and fleeting beauty of your wedding bouquet with an original painting by Canadian artist, Terri Heinrichs.  Terri can capture your bouquet in either impressionistic, traditional oil painting style, or she could paint it in a more contemporary acrylic textured style. Whichever style you choose, what a beautiful keepsake to display in your home!

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Click here to see how to commission Terri to paint your (or a loved one’s) wedding bouquet.

Wedding Song Lyrics or Sheet Music

Your first dance song or ceremony song in beautiful sheet music on canvas to display in your home, by Nellys Custom Art.

Ships from London, England or via digital download. Order via Etsy

First Anniversary Gift Canvas

Sound Waves

Artsy VoicePrint will personalize a sound wave from the moment you each said “I Do” or even your wedding song!  Museum quality professional GICLEE printing for vibrant colour.  I ADORE this bonus: it also comes with a QR code so that you can listen to the sound too!

Ships from California, USA.  Order via Etsy

Paper Cutout Portrait

Purple Paper People will create a beautiful memento of your wedding photo and GUESS WHAT!  One pet is included, with the option to add all your fur-babies.  If you’re anything like me, home is where the pets are- pets are life.  My hubby and I first saw her work in the home of our Marriage Commissioner, which she received for her own paper anniversary gift.

Ships from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Check out her shop on Etsy 

Tickets for a Date Night

More interested in an experience to share together, instead of a keepsake?  A date night to see a concert, comedian, dance or theater definitely counts as a paper gift!  Bonus points if your spouse has been wanting to see this band live or go to the ballet with you.  You have the freedom to set your own budget for this gift too.

I can’t take credit though, this idea came from my wonderful hubby Kyle, who gifted me with tickets to a comedy show along with a wall frame for displaying our wedding photos, which he was proud to point out would be paper too!

What do you think? Comment below if you have any ideas of your own, we’d love to hear ’em! Wanna see what you’re in for on your next anniversaries? Here’s a list of modern gift ideas by year.

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Ok, so the second anniversary isn’t 10 years, or 20… why do only the big milestone anniversaries seem to get all the hype? Two years of marriage though, that’s worth celebrating! We’re not saying you need to go all out every year, but why not get something special that you and your partner can treasure and display or use in your home?

Cotton Anniversary Gifts for the Home


Sure, a duvet cover is meant to keep your duvet clean.  That’s not why we love them, though.  They can also quickly transform your bedroom into a cozy oasis or give it a moody, romantic vibe.

How about shaking things up with a new colour of soft new bed sheets!  Maybe in a totally different colour than you’re used to.

Sentimental Gift Ideas

Embroidered Bouquet

Lovely bespoke replica of your wedding bouquet, hand-stitched by Erin McMenemy. Erin will capture the essence of your bouquet, so you can even let her know if there were special details such as a charm on the ribbon wrap.
She’s @erinmcmom across all social media platforms. You can even watch her time-lapse stitching videos on YouTube. Ships from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Check out her Etsy shop!


2nd Anniversary gift2nd Anniversary Gift2nd Anniversary Gift

Custom Pillow Cover
Want to hear the cutest thing?  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my hubster Kyle and I are loving the annual challenge of choosing gifts from the Traditional Anniversary Gifts list.  Well as they say, “great minds think alike”.  For our Cotton Anniversary we both ended up handing each other throw pillow covers!  I ordered his from Thimble Theory.

Choose your font and colours, add your names, the date you met, your proposal date, wedding date and you’re done!

Ships from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada.  Order via website or Etsy.

2 year Anniversary Gift2nd Anniversary GiftAnniversary Gift IdeaAnniversary Pillow Gift

Sound Waves on Canvas
Artsy VoicePrint will create personalized art from a sound wave of the moment you each said “I Do” or even your wedding song!  You may have seen that we previously mentioned this Etsy shop in our 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas blog post, but you can also get this on cotton canvas for your 2nd anniversary or even wood for your 5th or metal for your 1oth.
Plus, I ADORE this bonus: it also comes with a QR code so that you can listen to the source of your soundwave art anytime!

Ships from California, USA.  Order via website or Etsy

Sound Wave GiftSound Waves Print

What else would you like for your Second Anniversary gift?? Let us know!

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Located on the 6th floor of the historical Hudson’s Bay building on Stephen Avenue, you’ll find a grand event venue with an open floor plan and loads of natural light, historic charm and new urban accents.hudson yycI’m excited to have been invited to check out the new event space at their grand opening party called Hudson Unveiled.
yyc wedding venue
Made my mark on the black light guestbook, can I just say that one of my couples NEEDS to do this for their wedding!
Black Light Guest Book
Throughout the evening, each new event space, each with its own theme, was unveiled. event uplightingwedding food stationswedding action station
Each room’s theme had a signature cocktail to match, we loved the Canadiana cocktail made of Canadian rye, peach cider and maple bacon!
cocktail recipe
We started with sangria garnished with a fruit popsicle, then hit up the champagne bar for bubbly with choice of fresh fruit or fruit puree, and then enjoyed a few classic cocktails.
signature drink
Can I just say, that the food is to die for!!  Props to Oliver & Bonacini.

The Liquid Nitrogen dessert station seemed like a great place to start our evening.  Imagine giving your wedding guests this experience!
liquid nitrogen dessertwedding entertainment
How about these custom monogrammed chocolates!  Did you notice the marshmallow and cinnamon hotlips topiaries?
dessert station
You could find us hanging out around the Canadian Shucked Oyster Bar where guests could choose from house made hot sauce, mignonettes, bloody mary sauce, lemon and horseradish.
oysterbar food stationoyster bar at eventhudson yyc
Another exciting food station had a giant hollowed out cheese wheel, out of which was served wild mushroom risotto.  With a smaller cheese wheel, this is actually a really easy way to add “WOW factor” to your next dinner party!

food serving stationcheese wheel serving bowlrisotto out of cheese wheel
Here is a beautiful moose antler centrepiece at the whole roasted rare breed Mangalitsa pork at chef attended action station.
food station
Live music and dance performances kept us entertained, as we mingled with wedding industry friends and hit up several different photo booths.
Dance Performance
Event MusicianLive band
photo backdrop
The sweet ending to this incredible event was champagne flavored cotton candy on a flashing glow stick.
dance party guest favorblack light signature cocktails

Thanks so much for an unforgettable evening!

Event Venue: Hudson
In-house Catering: Oliver & Bonacini

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Chandelier wedding cakes seem to defy the laws of physics and gravity. Suspended cakes are a real show stopper that guests will never forget! Hanging decor has been growing steadily in popularity over the past few years, so I wanted to take a moment to appreciate these impressive works of art.
Chandelier CakeIf this isn’t glamour, I don’t know what is! The world was awe-struck when Kayley Cuoco had that gorgeous chandelier cake pictured above for her wedding to Ryan Sweeting.
Chandelier Cake - Kaley CuocoThese glamorous works of art are not just for celebrities though.   I recently spoke to Lynnette, of Calgary’s own Swirl Cakes & Cupcakes about her Chandelier Cake creations.

Lynette, what is the secret to creating these gravity defying, upside down hanging cakes?
The secret is finding a cake designer who know the principles of engineering cakes and how tiered cakes are put together. Once these principles are mastered, anything is possible- including defying gravity!

Swirl Cakes

What are some things that a couple should keep in mind when selecting a cake company?
First is finding a company who is licensed. It is so important to hire someone who is certified in food safety and is inspected to ensure proper food handling is performed for the safety of you and your guest.

Next is find someone who matches your style and can create what you have envisioned. It’s also important to find a designer who bakes from scratch- this provides a better product and more flexibility in flavors and varying flavor profiles.

Finding a designer who has a good reputation and works with wedding planners can be helpful as well. Planners are exposed to a wide variety of artists and they have done the work for you to provide an approved vendors list who offer experience product and great customer service. We are proud to work with our wedding colleagues since we all have the same goal in mind- providing our clients with the wedding they desire.

What inspired you to get into the wedding industry?
We’ve been in business for just over six years and I’ve personally been designing for over 16 years now. Our company grew out of demand- it started as a hobby and then soon people who I didn’t even know where contacting me thru word of mouth to create something for them and a business was born.

What is your favorite thing about designing wedding cakes?
My favorite thing in designing a wedding cake is taking a couples vision of what they have and bringing it to life. There may be several styles or designs that they like and the challenge is to create those into one cake for them to reflect each element.

Once we’ve create the cake, we get excited thinking about how many guests get to enjoy a pastry sensation that looks beautiful and tastes great.

What is your favorite cake flavor?
My personal favorite is corona cake with lime cream cheese icing. But chocolate with salted caramel buttercream and chocolate ganache is a close second.
Corona and Lime Cupcakes

Yum, those look delicious and that chocolate with salted caramel buttercream and chocolate ganache sounds incredible! A huge thank you to Swirl Cakes and Cupcakes!

What do you think, is there anything more glamorous or memorable than a chandelier cake?  Would you consider having one for your wedding?

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Oo la la!  Looking for a fun activity for you and your squad?  Look no further than Ollia’s Macaron 101 Class.  I took this class with my hubster Kyle. He filled in when my dear friend couldn’t make it.  Even though he wasn’t experienced at baking, he’d tell you he actually had a lot of fun!

bachelorette party idea

Ollia Tea & Macarons describes the macaron as “the perfect union of two delicious almond meringue shells and a smooth filling; usually a ganache, buttercream, curd, or even cheese.”  The shells are almond meringues made with egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar and ground almond. The fillings are either ganache, buttercream, jam, or cream cheese.

Not only is this a really fun time, but you also come away with a new skill, an incredible recipe, and more decadent macarons than each of you could possibly eat.  (But don’t worry, they said we can freeze them for later!)

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