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Escort Cards and Place Cards, what is the difference? You ask. Well, both indicate where a guest will sit at your reception dinner. We’ve got the low down for you.

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Place Cards

Place cards indicate not only which table, but also a particular seat at that table which is theirs. They work together with a seating chart which guides the guests to their table number, where they will find a place card identifying their seat. The pro’s to assigned seats? Grandparents are not forced to twist in their chairs, or crane their necks to see the action. Couples are sure to get two chairs together, babies and children can be placed between caregivers.

Creating a seating plan and communicating that plan to guests will put them at ease, knowing where they are meant to be. With some careful thought put in to seating assignments, comes ease and comfort. They also assist serving staff with discrete indicators as to which meal goes where. The higher your guest count, the more structure is necessary for proper flow, which is why place cards are most common. Photo by Juan & Angie Photography, Place Card and Calligraphy by Debbie Wong Design.

Escort Cards

Escort cards are slightly less specific, and therefore less formal than place cards are. While they still indicate which table guests are meant to sit at, they leave it open for guests to figure out which chair to sit at.

They are typically placed on a table in alphabetical order by last name, to save guests from having to search through all the other names. One upside of escort cards, would be that a couple’s names could go on one escort card.

Seeing inspiration on your IG feed or on Pinterest, you may fall in love with a beautiful escort card display. They don’t have to just sit on a table, there are endless beautiful, creative Escort Card display ideas out there! Before you fall in love with one, we encourage you to discuss the logistics with your Planner.

Prosecco Wall

For example, those beautiful prosecco walls require enough staff to begin pouring just as your ceremony ends so they are still bubbly and chilled when your guests arrive. They also need to fill the display and keep the crowd flowing, to avoid a selfie road block where half of your guests are stuck waiting in line.

Donut wall escort card displays are another trend worth mentioning, since they also can’t be set up very far in advance for freshness. It’s doable, just be warned that your Planner and Caterer will be advising you on the additional number of servers required to execute this.

So, what have we learned about Place Cards vs. Escort Cards today?

That escort cards ‘escort you’ to your table. Place cards are found at your place setting and work with a seating chart. That either type can be displayed in a fun or elegant way. Lastly, that it’s important to discuss it with your Planner to figure out which plan works best for your wedding.

Check out our post on creative place card ideas for inspiration. Looking for more helpful guidance or assistance with the overwhelming planning process? Give us a shout!
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