Your guests will LOVE these place card ideas! Not to be confused with Escort Cards (see our explanation of the difference) place cards are displayed at each guest’s assigned seat. These beauties are not only useful, but also serve as a finishing touch on the tablescape design. We love to get creative and showcase our client’s personalities with unique place card ideas like these.

Calligraphy and Wax Seals

Timeless elegance is always in style. The use of wax seals on place cards may be modern, but this detail has a storied history and is oh so classic! Here we took it one step farther with velum over raw edge paper with a wax seal and raw silk ribbon. The north star is a reference to the compass since this tablescape was designed for adventurous outdoorsie types. Place cards by Debbie Wong Design, Photo by Juan + Angie Photography.

Cookie Place Cards

A cookie place card doubles as a custom favor. Like we always say; edible favors are the most popular with guests! The overhead shot {left} is just my behind the scenes cell phone snap, the lovely photo {right} by Chic & Grace Photography.

Place Card Scrolls

Elegant and romantic, scrolls can be hung delicately from the rim of champagne flutes, or even wrap around the stem. They are a fabulous upgrade to the simple flat card. Photography by Chic & Grace Photography, Place cards by Debbie Wong Design.

Laser Cut Names

These have been a big hit, especially when we have offered to add fishing wire as guests are leaving so they can be used as Christmas tree ornaments. Left: JM Photography. Right: Custom Laser Works, JB Photography.


Calligraphy on clear acrylic is quickly gaining popularity in signage, but we prefer it for place cards! Here is one that I made myself in a Calligraphy lesson at an Orange Trunk Workshop. One of my goals is to start #betteringmylettering but for my dinner parties I continue to hire professional Calligraphers! It’s a small cost with a big impact, the reaction from my guests is always worth it! Photos by Chic & Grace Photography.

Luggage Tag Place Card

Luggage Tag

This clear luggage tag was the perfect detail for one Birch & Bunny couple who’s wedding was themed around their mutual love of travel and adventure. Now you may or may not be wanderlusting or bitten by the travel bug, but maybe this will inspire you to think outside the box.

Agate Slices

In designing this tablescape, I wanted it to feel organic and nontraditional, yet still elegant. To accomplish this I approached one of the top Calligraphers in the area. Agate Slices come in any colour you can think of, and they are a really nice take home for guests. Photo by Chloe Buie Photography, Place cards by Debbie Wong Design.


One Birch & Bunny Bride incorporated rocks in an entirely different way. She had her place cards first done on a paper card with a one raw edge, with an uncut gem stone attached to each one. Photography by Loree Photography.

place card menu

Personalized Menus

Personalizing each guest’s menu by adding their name and meal selection is such a thoughtful surprise. It’s so well received. Especially by guests whose spouses filled out the RSVP for them, and by those who were so easy-going that they can’t recall which the chose! Just a behind the scenes cell phone snap, but we can’t wait to see the professional photos from The Toths Photo and Film!

Place Card Holders

Place card holders come in any shape or theme you can think of, so that’s one really easy way to add visual interest to your place settings. They make even a simple flat card more unique. For this particular tablescape though we did not go with simple. Here we’ve got the names in white layered on brushstrokes then mated with rose gold glitter cardstock. Graphic Design by Sarah Laree Design.

Coloured Paper

Take a simple flat card and zhuzh it up by play with contrasting ink and paper colours to make them really pop! Here you can see that for my Friends-giving dinner I chose black paper with white ink so that it would stand out from the white plates. Place cards by Debbie Wong Design.

Classic Tent Cards

Of course you can’t go wrong with classic tent cards. Your Calligrapher or Stationer (along with your Wedding Planner/ Designer) will have some ideas on how to coordinate ink colours and font with your overall event design. {Right} Photographs by Grace, Place Cards by Plush Invitations. {Left} Gillian Stevens Photography.

Place cards don’t have to be boring, work with your Planner and Stationer to create an interesting and beautiful plan. Leave us your own ideas, questions or comments below. Want to grab a coffee to brainstorm creative place card ideas for your own event or vendor recommendations? Hit us up!

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