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Nigerian Wedding

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Nigerian Jewish Wedding

The multi-day wedding weekend joined Nigerian and Jewish traditions. Nigerian weddings are a colourful celebration joining two families.

Their multi-day celebration began with a Nigerian Wedding Ceremony which focused on joining the two families together. Families matched in their double-outfits in the same colours and patterns. All traditional Nigerian attire was hand-sewn in rich coloured fabrics.  These gorgeous, vibrant garments were hand sewn by the Mother of the Groom.

To share their beautiful culture with me, they even gifted me a beautiful traditional Nigerian beaded necklace which I just adore.  My heart was so full after this weekend.

Rich cultural practices make up Nigerian Wedding ceremonies, with each area having its own traditions. The family selects one member to represent them called an Olopa, in this case, the Father-of-the-Groom.  The couple’s parents and siblings are seated in a semi-circle around a table.  Hand-carved wooden bowls containing symbolic foods are passed around for each person to taste.

As he began the ceremony, he spoke about love, and family, and the history of these traditions. The Groom’s father explained the symbolism behind the foods.  Since fish do not drown in water, tasting smoked fish symbolizes that you will not drown in the trials of life.  It is said that no one eats salt and speaks badly of it.  Tasting  honey for sweetness of life.  Symbolizes that the couple will remain united for better or worse. 

The most significant symbolism belongs to the Kola nut, which grows in a pod from a large plant in the tropical rain forests of Africa.  This caffeinated nut is the namesake of the soft drink, as it was an original ingredient used for flavoring cola.  Much symbolism is attached to the kola nut including; good fortune, hospitality, friendship, respect, peace, life, and blessings for a successful marriage.

The night was filled with touching speeches, celebration, and the merging of two families, two cultures. What a wonderful way to begin this multi-day Nigerian and Jewish wedding weekend!


Coordination: Birch & Bunny Weddings and Events
Photographer: Grey Lily Photography
Catering: Food Works Craft Catering
Florist: Coming Up Rozes
Nigerian Garb: Mother-of-the-Groom

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