Cotton (2nd) Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Ok, so the second anniversary isn’t 10 years, or 20… why do only the big milestone anniversaries seem to get all the hype? Two years of marriage though, that’s worth celebrating! We’re not saying you need to go all out every year, but why not get something special that you and your partner can treasure and display or use in your home?

Cotton Anniversary Gifts for the Home


Sure, a duvet cover is meant to keep your duvet clean.  That’s not why we love them, though.  They can also quickly transform your bedroom into a cozy oasis or give it a moody, romantic vibe.

How about shaking things up with a new colour of soft new bed sheets!  Maybe in a totally different colour than you’re used to.

Sentimental Gift Ideas

Embroidered Bouquet

Lovely bespoke replica of your wedding bouquet, hand-stitched by Erin McMenemy. Erin will capture the essence of your bouquet, so you can even let her know if there were special details such as a charm on the ribbon wrap.
She’s @erinmcmom across all social media platforms. You can even watch her time-lapse stitching videos on YouTube. Ships from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Check out her Etsy shop!


2nd Anniversary gift2nd Anniversary Gift2nd Anniversary Gift

Custom Pillow Cover
Want to hear the cutest thing?  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my hubster Kyle and I are loving the annual challenge of choosing gifts from the Traditional Anniversary Gifts list.  Well as they say, “great minds think alike”.  For our Cotton Anniversary we both ended up handing each other throw pillow covers!  I ordered his from Thimble Theory.

Choose your font and colours, add your names, the date you met, your proposal date, wedding date and you’re done!

Ships from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada.  Order via website or Etsy.

2 year Anniversary Gift2nd Anniversary GiftAnniversary Gift IdeaAnniversary Pillow Gift

Sound Waves on Canvas
Artsy VoicePrint will create personalized art from a sound wave of the moment you each said “I Do” or even your wedding song!  You may have seen that we previously mentioned this Etsy shop in our 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas blog post, but you can also get this on cotton canvas for your 2nd anniversary or even wood for your 5th or metal for your 1oth.
Plus, I ADORE this bonus: it also comes with a QR code so that you can listen to the source of your soundwave art anytime!

Ships from California, USA.  Order via website or Etsy

Sound Wave GiftSound Waves Print

What else would you like for your Second Anniversary gift?? Let us know!

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